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News Around Town -- Homeless Ghost

What’s It All About?

"Scary Home Companion" is an audio variety show celebrating the weird and the wonderful, the spooky and scary, the fun and frightful! Each 45-minute episode, recorded in front of a live theater audience, contains drama, horror, a rich helping of comedy, a live guest interview, and of course, the News From Lake Soulbegone. A podcast is coming soon, and in the meantime, please check out our highlights on YouTube, or better still, get tickets for the next live show!

Fun Facts!

65Audience Members Devoured
1889It's Always 1889
18Skeletal Strippers
667Zombies Eliminated

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A. Polter Geist
Household Disruptor

“I would never throw things around during this show.  It’s that great!”

Lon Chaney Jr. as the Wolf Man
Larry Talbot
Senior Partner, Talbot & Talbot

“Scary Home Companion is a howling good time!”

Christopher Lee as Frankenstein's Monster
Frankie M.
Stage and Screen Icon

“This show always leaves me in stitches!”