Episode 3 Recovered!

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In a stunning success for the forces of frightful fun, Episode 3 of the Scary Home Companion Podcast has been recovered from the gremlins who invaded the live show last June.  Episode 3, “Bleached Bones,” is available now on the podcast feed!

This victory is not entirely without cost, and we hope you will understand that the audio quality on this episode is not up to our usual standards.

A grateful thanks to Screamvina and her minions!

Where is Episode 3?

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Unfortunately, the show suffered a serious gremlin invasion during the recording of Episodes 3 and 4. The recording of Episode 4 was salvaged, and Screamvina and her minions are working to get it out to you as fast as possible.

Sadly, the gremlin damage was too severe, and Episode 3 has been lost to the darkness and the aether. Hopefully some day soon, we here in Lake Soulbegone will find a way to restore, or reconstruct, those tales for you!

We sincerely thank you for your understanding.

Your humble webmistress, Lady Snowblood

From Screamvina: Unfortunate News

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Hello Fans of Scary Home Companion,

We have some unfortunate news. After the Paris Theater started repairing the damage done by the demon that Mr. Satan summoned during our rehearsal, they discovered that the demonic portal was not fully closed. Unfortunately, it was opened on some pretty powerful spiritual ley lines and coupled with the fact the theater was already haunted and cursed, there is no closing the portal. So the Paris Theater must be closed. With all other Portland venues already booked with their Halloween shows our Scary Home Companion October Spook-tacular!! is canceled.

We’d like to remind you though that we perform 4 spooky shows a year so please stay tombed to our fan page for updates on our Winter show, which we are currently planning to be in February.

The cast of Scary Home Companion would also like to remind you to always call the Horroregon Supernatural Notification center before opening demonic portals, so they can notify you if you have any dangerous ley lines and mark them out for you.

From Screamvina: Show Postponed!

From Screamvina: Show Postponed!

Evil Greetings Scary Home Companion Fans!

I have some not-so-screamtastic news for you all. We were rehearsing the show last night at The Paris Theater and Mr. Satan opened a demonic portal and unfortunately a larger-than-expected demon came through. Most of the cast is uneaten and the demon will be fine, he just got a little spooked. But it looks like the theater is going to have to do some emergency construction. We are all very sorry for the destruction, especially Mr. Satan, but this is why we rehearse.

Unfortunately, the Paris Theater will need to be closed for 2 weeks for the construction, but they are willing to reschedule the Scary Home Companion October Spook-tacular! for October 26. So please update your calendars and come see us LIVE on the Saturday, October 26th! (We should have the whole demonic portal thing worked out by then). Scare you there!

[Note: The ticket link may still show the old date. Hopefully this will be changed shortly. — Lady Snowblood, Webmistress]

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