Episode 3: Bleached Bones

Episode 3: Bleached Bones
  • Welcome to Lake Soulbegone
  • Chat With Mr. Satan
  • News Around Town (sponsored by Inkstress Tattoos)
  • Also From Lake Soulbegone: “Galaxians to the Stars” and “Werewolf Theater”
  • Job Interview With a Vampire
  • Special Guest (sponsored by Sinful Audio): Dylan Hillerman of Guignolfest
  • Nightmares From the Shadows (sponsored by Willamette Radio Workshop): “One Minute Terrors” and “Steam Portland Chronicles, Episode 3: The Sirens of Astoria”
  • Credits and Devouring the Audience

Also sponsored by: Garth Star Photography, Patrick F. Smith Photography, Sinful Audio, Unchained Productions, Sailbourne Beaded Jewelry and Gifts, Afterhell, and Tesla City Stories.

Our apologies for the quality of the audio on this episode — it is the best we can do after liberating the recording from the gremlins that invaded during the show!

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