Episode 6: Simkin’s Magical Talismans

Episode 6: Simkin’s Magical Talismans
  • Hello From Lake Soulbegone
  • Chat With Mr. Satan
  • News From Around Town (sponsored by Inkstress Tattoos)
  • Zombie Poetry Reading
  • Horror Emporium
  • Special Guest (sponsored by Guignolfest): Jason Hawkins
  • Nightmares From the Shadows (sponsored by the Willamette Radio Workshop): Two Minute Terrors, and Steam Portland Chronicles, Episode 4: “A Discovery of Terror”
  • Credits and Devouring the Audience

Also sponsored by: Dr. Seth Alley of Sylvan Chiropractic, Garth Star Photography, Unchained Productions, Sailbourne Beaded Jewelry and Gifts, Afterhell, and Tesla City Stories.

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